Shift Cast #62: Connected but Alone

Mobile Devices

Has the internet, social media, mobile devices, txting, et al fundamentally changed the way people connect and relate? Maybe…

First, we discuss our limited use of cell phones and txting…Rick and I both have dumb phones and an iPod touch…Rick has a pay as you go mifi device that he uses on the road when the need arises…

We are not addicted to our mobile devices in the same way as many others, but we both still have them and take them with us nearly everywhere we go…hmmm

I (yooper) leave my phone off during school, and don’t use it much…it’s pay as you go…

We have both noted that people that are hooked on cell phones, txting, IMing on mobile devices sometimes interrupt live interactions to keep up…and we both think that sucks…then again, we are probably a little jealous that we don’t have as many “friends” (maybe?)

Fear of Real conversations

The ability to craft and edit everything you tweet, post, text means communication is more thought out and less spontaneous…does this cause the “Skill” of having a person to person live conversation atrophy? Maybe…

In my (yoooer’s) experience, the younger folks in my college program really struggled with doing presentations, some of them refused to speak in class at all…it was pretty weird…

Robot Companions

This is something new to me that the elderly and others in long-term hosptial stays are using robots for companionship…WOW!   That means we are only a few steps away from being wiped out by the cylons!!! :-D

Links discussed in this podcast…

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Good Life Zen:

Sherry Turkle’s Bio on

Sherry Turkle’s TED Talk

Link to Sherry’s Turkle’s book “Alone together”

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