Shift Cast #60: Journey versus Destination

(Jindai) We accidentally took two weeks off, sorry folks, but we’re back! :-D

(Jindai) In this episode, we start with a destination in mind, but go far afield, proving Yooper’s point that the journey is just as important as the destination. Love how that works.

(Yooper) I (Yooper) brought up reading a poem that I thought was part of the Homer’s Odyssey, but it turns out to be by Constantine P. Cavafy…(link below)…how to use your destination as a goal, but the real fun is enjoying the journey…

Homer’s Odyssey,

Ithaca, Wikipedia

(Jindai) Oh, and turns out Ithaca was THE destination, it was Odysseus’ home. I had forgotten that nugget.

(Jindai) Other books discussed in this eipisode:

The Haj


Dune, by Frank Herbert, and the various sequels by him and his son, Brian Herbert, are mentioned quite a bit

Forest Gump, the Novel, by Winston Groom

Piers Anthony, Battle Circle Series, and his other hard Sci Fi books all linked in one specific scene in the
Tarot Series
1 God of Tarot (1979)
2 Vision of Tarot (1980)
3 Faith of Tarot (1980)
Tarot (1987) The series omnibus as a single novel as originally intended) No wikipedia page

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