Shift Cast #54, Juice Fast Reboot

Cut down on alcohol

Before the holidays, I was an “at home” beer drinker:

– a steady supply of beer at home

– drinking a beer or two nearly every night

– drink MORE at a party

– Drink MORE on the weekends

Right before the Holidays….in early December, I saw some folks on YouTube after a “Juice Fast”…meaning they had stop eating food and only drank juice for a short period of time…somewhere between 5 – 60 days…

During this time, the body changes…one detoxes and loses weight…kinda like a rebooting of your system.

Then I forgot about it and went about my Holiday binging! :-D

Later, I found this movie that reminded me that I wanted to try a juice fast…

After that binge, and the holidays were over…I stopped putting beer in the house. It was pretty easy.

The first couple weeks, I had a beer or two during lunches with friends…then I starting thinking…you know I have stuff I want to do after lunch…if I have a beer…I will take a nap after lunch…so that beer went away too.

If  I drink beer now, I make sure I don’t have anything I want to get done that day…

Switched from Coffee to Green Tea

This was pretty easy, but did cause a few days worth of withdrawal headaches. I drank green tea about two weeks, and now I am off that as well.  I don’t really like green tea….I LOVE great coffee…but…I don’t want to deal with effects of the drug on my body right now.

Eating more veggies and less processed foods

For the period of the reboot, I will NOT eat meat, dairy, or processed foods…white bread, rice, etc…

Now, In preparation, I am increasing my intake of raw/cooked veggies.  I also changed to AkMak crackers as my bread choice.  It get’s tricky when eating out…but I am getting better at figuring out my best options, and then just letting go…I like clam chowder, and it has a little clam and sometimes bacon in it…I just eat it…for now.  During the Reboot, I will try to do better at the elimination portion…

Planning to quit tobacco

I still use “dip” and I am hard cord addicted to it (think Skoal)…I know it’s yucky…that’s why I am quitting! :D

More on this next week and how I plan to tackle this challenge…


Detoxing includes all sorts of symptoms like mental fog, low energy, headaches, and diarrhea…I have all those items to look forward to during the first 3-5ish days of the reboot period…

People told me to ensure that I don’t have anything I NEED to do during a fast , so I am making my start date after my last psychology class and before I start my next school program…

Speaking of diarrhea…this is a “funny” account of an intense “Detox” program that I am NOT doing…but Rick and I both found disgusting and amusing…if you have a strong stomach…check it out…

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THANKS! to Kevin MacLeod for the Music : AcidJazz (Kevin MacLeod) / CC BY 3.0

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