Overcoming Change Resistance, Shift Cast #51

Learn to take a punch

Julien Smith author of “The Flinch” (a free book!) uses the example of a boxer to overcome resistance.  The idea is that a boxer will not have much success in the ring if she doesn’t learn to take a punch.

Most of the situations that we have learned to flinch away from don’t actually hurt us physically…

…but we anticpiate some discomfort…

Like having “the talk” in a relationship…I have avoided “the talk” many times…

…only to finally learn that the path leads me through the talk to the other side of it…it’s not fun, but it’s the only way to move on or get the relationship “unstuck”

The punch might be doing something new that you are not good at…or talking to your boss…whatever it is, resistance tells you it’s not safe and one better avoid it…but avoidance only delays growth…


Learn the difference between an idea and execution

This idea of noting the difference between ideas and execution came from Derek Sivers in his post below:


Playing the video game “Portal 2″ with Rick in coop (cooperation) mode has taught us both about resistance and the difference between:

– Having the idea and knowing it will work

– Executing the idea through trial and error

Rick and I both faced loads of resistance in the form of boredom and frustration solving some of the puzzles.

Most of the difficulty was executing the idea…which in a way, was easier because we knew what to do and just laughed at each other failing repeatedly…great resistance training! :D

When the idea didn’t come…we fell into disorder and we would just starting executing madly until the idea would come to us…again through trial and error…a little more frustrating, but also more fun when the idea would show up.

If you take the punch, what is the prize? Do you want that prize?

There is value in just taking a punch for the sake of training and building up your “flinch forward muscles”…

…however with big decisions, consideration and asking yourself if you are willing to take the punch for it’s own sake is also valuable…

Sometimes I have “fallen on my sword” and taken the punch only to find an empty pot of gold on the other side of the punch…

This is just a caution not to just fling yourself around without thinking about what your really want…if you are stuck though…take the PUNCH!

Learn by playing funnies before you play for keeps

Resistance training is available to you everyday in countless areas of life…you don’t need to jump up at your boss and pick a fight and demand a raise…

…you can build up to that…play games, engage in low threat/low reward activities to build up your muscles in facing resistance…

Embrace “the suck”

At this link below, Leo of the Zen Habits blog talks about why he likes (crazy!) physical challenges…and he used the phrase “embrace the suck”…this is advanced resistance training…build up to it, and you can become someone who climbs mountains…not that you have to do that, but you can if you want to…;-)


Rick and I also discussed this video on YouTube as an example of coming up with an idea that one could execute in one day…

(Daft Punk) Daft Hands – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger


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