Shift Cast #26, Quantum Activist, Part 1

Shift Cast #26, Quantum Activist Part 1

As promised last week Rick and I discuss the movie “Quantum Activist” by Amit Goswami, Ph.D.

This material might hurt your brain a little bit…it is heady and involves MATH! I’m not a big fan of math…

We discussed the topics below:

“1. Consciousness is the ground of all being; matter consists of possibilities of consciousness itself. Since consciousness is choosing from itself, this assertion avoids the paradox of dualism—how does consciousness interact with matter without a signal? Quantum physics gives the radical answer: there is no signal. This signalless communication is called quantum nonlocality.

2. Another tendency is to think that we choose with our individual consciousness. This also gives a paradox: who gets to choose in the case of a dichotomous traffic light discussed in the movie. The solution leads to the same idea as above: original consciousness, the source of our downward causation, is nonlocal. This source we may call God, following older traditions; but it is objective and we can equally call it quantum consciousness.

3. There is no mathematics for collapse; no continuous algorithm can be given for it. Collapse is discontinuous. What is discontinuity? When an electron jumps from one atomic orbit to another, it does so without going through the intermediate space. The electron’s quantum leap is an example of discontinuity.

4. Quantum measurement in the brain is tangled hierarchical, meaning that there is a circular relationship among the brain’s components. This gives us self-reference. In the process of quantum measurement involving the tangled hierarchical brain, consciousness splits itself into a subject (that experiences) and an object (that is experienced). In the process, consciousness identifies with the brain.”

Both Rick and I struggle with understanding these concepts, and we both know that I agree with Dr. Goswami’s conclusions…

Rick remains unconvinced on point #1 above, but remains open to experiments…and still wants to agree.

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