Shift Cast #23, Conversation with Crystal Silver

Crystal Silver is a friend that I met about two year’s ago during Steve Pavlina’s first Conscious Growth Workshop. She is a ball of energy and loads of fun to hang out with.

This conversation begins with minimalism and we discuss both our journeys through the ideas this movement brings about. Crystal came at this from the point of purging excess objects from her life in order to leave a smaller footprint and to fit in with her travel heavy life style.

I approached minimalism from the spiritual angle, which doesn’t require to physically clean out my closets, but to spiritually detach from my need of all things external (roles, my story, and physical things).

This led to a discussion of identity and learning to identify with permanent things (such as consciousness, spirit, or maybe energy) instead of identification with ideas that are temporary (your body, you job, you car…et al.)

We ended with talking about non-conformity and how Crystal spent all of her life on the left-handed path of the non-conformist and I spent the first 40 years of my life on the right-handed path of conformity.

Super huge-normus THANK YOU to Davidji for providing the awesome bumper!!!

Crystal mentioned her friend Scott Brandon Hoffman aka The Entertainer, so here’s his shout out!

I mentioned Linchpin by Seth Godin, which is STILL a great book.

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